The Pyramids and Megalithic Sites of Bulgaria

There are numerous and huge megalithic sites in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian pyramids and megaliths are spread along the old mountain ranges of the Central Balkan, Middle Mountain and Rhodope.

To facilitate their categorisation we have organising them by band: North of the Central Balkan, Central Balkan, Middle Mountain, Plovdiv and Rhodope mountains.

There are common characteristics to sites belonging to the same band and common features to many sites across Bulgaria. There are also many commonalities with other megalithic sites worldwide. Categorising the sites by band is a simple way to group them but does not mean that they could not be categorised differently or in sub-groups.

The Standing Stones of Rozovets in the Middle Mountain

The Middle Mountain
The Middle Mountain is located South of the Central Balkan mountain range and North of Plovdiv.

    Rozovets is one of the most extensive and best preserved megalithic sites in Bulgaria.

    Mihiltsi is a megalithic site that has both Lemurian and Atlantean stones.

    The Double Pyramid of Bania is an elongated pyramid with 2 summits and concourse.

    The megaliths of Begovo are a cluster of stone formations positioned on top of a pyramidal formation.

    Sokolitsa is a double pyramid that has a triangular megalith that has a diagonal quartz line that is an expression of the golden ratio.

    The Double Pyramid of Pesnopoy is a very large pyramid that is aligned East-West.

    The Pyramid of Stryama tells us how megalithic sites are connected as a network to form a grid.

    Hisaria is a pyramid that is decorated with many clusters and standing stones.

    Ivan Vazovo
    Ivan Vazovo is a series of megalithic structures with large rounded boulders and standing stones.

    The Double Pyramid of Binkos is made from limestone blocks.


    Plovdiv the city built on 7 hills is like an island in the lowlands of the Thracian plain. It plays a central role in between the megalithic sites of the Middle Mountain and that of the Rhodope.

The Rhodope
The Rhodope mountains and especially the Eartern Rhodope holds a huge amount of megalithic sites many of which have been heavily eroded by long periods of high water levels and volcanic eruptions.

    Perperikon is a step pyramid that is surrounded by smaller megalithic sites.

    Kovil is a megalithic site that seems to have been heavily eroded by both water and volcanic activity.

    Dolni Glavanak
    Dolni Glavanak is a stone circle standing on top of a pyramidal formation.

    The Pyramid of Tatarevo is surrounded by multiple megalithic sites.

    Beli Plast
    Beli Plast is a group of heavily eroded megaliths.

The Central Balkan
The Central Balkan mountain range is called in Bulgarian the Old Mountain. It forms a wall that runs East-West across Bulgaria separating the country in two parts that are geographically, climatically and culturally different.

    Maragidik is a pyramidal formation that connects to the Double Pyramid of Ostrets and other megalithic sites to the North with the many megalithic sites on the South side of the Central Balkan in the Middle Mountain.

    Kupen is a pyramidal formation that stands on the west side of the highest summit of the Central Balkan mountain range.

    Yonkova Mogila
    Yonkova Mogila is a pyramidal formation where the underlying structure looks like the brick, stone and mortar technique used by later Romans.

The North Central Balkan
The North Central Balkan band is located between the Central Balkan mountain range and the Danube plain.

    The Rampart of Sopot is a huge 6km long, 120m high and 800m wide pyramidal formation that held back the waters of the Paratethys Sea.

    The pyramid of Vrabevo is the most distinctive pyramid in a line of similar pyramidal formations that stretch East-West over 50 km.

    Hirevo is a pyramidal formation with a summit overlooking the plain below.

    Damyanovo is a pyramidal formation that reminds us of the constellation of Cancer.

    Madara is one very large megalith surrounded by a stone wall that was built in historical times to contain it.

    The Black Peak
    The Black Peak is a massive megalithic complex with multiple pyramidal formations.

    The Double Pyramid of Pazderite is aligned East-West.

    The Double Pyramid of Ostrets is a huge double pyramid that acts as a funnel for the megalithic sites North of the Central Balkan.

    Pushevo might be a part of the rampart that continues from Sopot 100 km away.

    Kaspichan is a circular pyramid. It is one of several in the immediate vicinity.

    The Columns of Slanchevo tells us about a later epoch of megalithic building.

Map of the pyramids and megalithic sites of Bulgaria