If you are ready to listen, together we can decipher the message hidden in the stones of the Bulgarian pyramids.

The Bulgarian Pyramids are a map of the of the heavens etched into Earth’s crust. They hold a message about our ancient past. And the Bulgaria Pyramid Project is open to all to participate. Whatever your location, interests and knowledge or field of expertise you can help piece the puzzle together.

The Megaliths of Beglik Tash

All the data of the megalithic sites of Bulgaria is freely available online. You can download it and find patterns between the sites. We are also building a community online to share the knowledge.

There are connections between megalithic sites across the world. Through knowledge of other sites you can draw comparisons to find the commonalities and draw conclusions.


You are free to publish your findings in your name. You can also contribute any new findings to be published on the Bulgaria Pyramid website.

Research and findings should not be the preserve of self-elected specialists. Modern day archaeology has not been able to answer satisfactorily the fundamental questions: WHO, WHEN, HOW and Why did they build pyramids.

New people with new eyes and new ideas are necessary to move forward our understanding of the ancient past of humanity.

The answers will come from a communion of a large group of contributors with a wide variety of skills and experiences. And to succeed in deciphering the message it is crucial to be tolerant of all types of approaches.


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The Bulgaria Pyramid Project has been self-funded till now. The objective of the next phase of the project is to provide more precise measurements of the pyramids. We aim to acquire a LiDaR scanning system to map the pyramids in detail.