The Patterns at Megalithic Sites

The patterns at the megalithic sites in Bulgaria are common to other sites across the world. The presence of patterns is proof of a cosmic impulse that permeated the will of the original pyramid builders. The commonality of patterns tells us that they reflect a harmony that finds its sources beyond the individual pyramid builder or the community that built these precise structures.

Triangular standing stones in Rozovets

The fact that we find the same patterns across different locations worldwide in Egypt, Peru, Turkey and probably many other megalithic sites still waiting to be discovered tells us that the original impulse was more than global.

The presence of patterns is proof of a cosmic impulse that permeated the will of the original pyramid builders.

And listening to these patterns is like hearing music. We vibrate to the melody of numbers like the Monad 1 of the Sun, the Duad 2 of the double pyramids, the Triad 3 of standing stones, the number Five and its connection to Venus as well as the Golden Ratio. These number patterns are found at Bulgarian megalithic sites and across the world. They are also found in nature and the Universe.

It tells us about the common impulse that animates Earth and the Universe and is represented in the stones of the pyramids.

Understanding the patterns is crucial to deciphering the message and hearing the harmony of the spheres whilst recognising our cosmic origins.

    Number 1: The Sun
    The preeminence of the Sun is clearly visible in the design and layout of the stones.

    Number 2: Double Pyramids
    In Bulgaria we find many double pyramids that remind us of the layout of constellations. They are a reflection of duality in cosmic harmony.

    Number 3: The Moon
    Number 3 and its geometric representation the triangle are ubiquitous across megalithic sites. They represent the Moon.

    Number 4: The Rhombus
    Rhombus shaped stones are found at several megalithic sites in Bulgaria.

    The Divine Number: The Golden Ratio
    The golden ratio also known as the divine proportion permeates megalithic sites in Bulgaria. It is found in the design of pyramids and the shape of individual stones.

    Standing stones are like statues of petrified giants frozen in time. The stones seem to be a storage of memory for the pyramid builders.

    The megalithic sites in Bulgaria form patterns that remind us of star systemns and constellations like Orion, the Winter Triangle and the constellation of Cancer.

    The planets are found in the layout of the pyramids and the shape and position of the megaliths.

The location of the pyramids and the megalithic sites tells us that they were built as a network of sites, like a grid, that is connected.

    The megalithic sites of Bulgaria are located on mountain ranges. There are no megalithic sites in the lowlands and valleys.

The pyramids talk to us by their design, cardinal alignments, elevation and erosion patterns.

    Pyramids and megalithic sites in Bulgaria are usually off exact cardinal alignments by around 15 to 30 degrees.

    Megalithic sites are situated at 250 metres elevation or above. There are no megalithic sites in the lowlands of the Thracian and Danube plains.

    The erosion patterns reveals the ancient origins of the pyramids.

    The levels we see at the pyramids are proof that they are not a natural occurrence.

Across megalithic sites we find patterns in the shape of the stones. They talk to us by their size, design and positioning. They tell us about the intention of the builders.

    The Lemurian Stones are much larger, lumpier, less well-finished stones. They are found underneath at the lowest levels of the edifices and form the bulk of the pyramids.

    The Atlantean stones are relatively smaller and better-finished. They are found on top of the Lemurian stones.

    Vegetal Shaped Megaliths
    The soft rounded stones look molten as if they had been shaped like putty before hardening.

    Skewer Holes
    The skewer holes in granite stone have a regular diameter and are slightly heart shaped.

    Suture Marks
    Suture marks in the stone give the impression that the granite was pressed into shape like glass.

The composition of the stones tells us about their purpose and why did the pyramid builders raised such huge edifices.

    Granite composites are found at most megalithic sites in Bulgaria. They have different compositions and colours.

    Quartz is found as crystals in granite composites and as blocks inlaid in regular patterns in granite megaliths.

    Limestone is used at megalithic sites located in the East of Bulgaria. The Double Pyramid of Binkos and the columns of Slanchevo are made from limestone.

Patterns at megalithic site in Bulgaria
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Patterns at megalithic site in Bulgaria
There are many patterns at megalithic sites in Bulgaria. In the location and position of the pyramids as well as the shape and composition of the stones. The patterns are a message for those who are ready to listen.
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