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The Bulgaria Pyramid Project has been a family affair. The kids have grown up around the megaliths.

The Bulgaria Pyramid Project is borne from a series of coincidences that are, most probably, no coincidences at all. The result has been a multi-year mission to inventorise and understand the megaliths and pyramids of Bulgaria.

A family affair

Why is it important?

The pyramids of Bulgaria hold a message about humanity’s cosmic origins. The story of the pyramids is also the story of Earth and humanity. The pyramids tell us why we’re here, since when and what’s our purpose here on Earth.

On our mission we have already answered fundamental questions: WHEN, WHO, WHY and implicitly HOW the pyramids were built.

These conclusions were reached using basic technology: photography, videography and amateur mapping tools. The methodology to interpret what we see on the ground is a combination of scientific and spiritual scientific research based on Rudolf Steiner‘s reading of the Akasha Chronicle. We combine the brain and the heart to find the truth about the pyramids.

Share and Discover

The next phase of the mission is to provide precise measurements in order to map precisely all the pyramids and megalithic sites of Bulgaria. All the data will be made public for everyone to interpret freely. It will enable us to build a complete picture of the pyramids: their shape, size and alignments as well as connections between sites.

The message is in the location and position of the pyramids as well as the shape and composition of the stones. The pyramids form a network like an energy grid that connects all the megalithic sites together horizontally. Vertically the pyramids form a link between Earth and the Sun, Moon and other planetary spheres.


The objective of the next phase of the project is to provide more precise measurements of the pyramids. We aim to acquire a LiDaR scanning system to to create precise 3-dimenisonal maps of the pyramids. All the data will be publicly available.

The following phase will focus on finding cavities: chambers and tunnels in and around the pyramids. We know where they can be found. Finally, lab testing the chemical composition of the stones at the sites and comparing it with the stone composition of local quarries can help determine how the pyramids were built.

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You are welcome to join the Bulgaria Pyramid Project community on Discord. To receive an invitation you can engage by making any contribution to the project on Patreon or Buy Me a Coffee. The community is open to all that are ready to engage in the project.

Visit the Pyramids

Visiting the pyramids of Bulgaria is fun if you like walking in nature and going on adventures. It can be integrated into a bigger holiday in Bulgaria. Most of sites are wild but some can be visited by families with children.