The Bulgaria Pyramid Project

The aim of the Bulgaria Pyramid Project is to inventorise the megalithic sites of Bulgaria. The numerous pyramids and megalithic sites of Bulgaria hold a message about our cosmic origins. By completing the inventory and finding patterns in the locations and position of these megalithic sites as well as in the shape and composition of the stones we will be able to hear the message and learn about our forgotten past.

Talking to Stones in Bulgaria
    We actually know very little about our past. The instruments at our disposal, termed scientific research, have yielded limited real-knowledge that is based on theories. Our approach is one of openness and inclusion. We tolerate all approaches and recommend the integration of all methods.

    Apart from the stones themselves that talk to us by their location and position as well as their shape and composition we have tried to integrate scientific and esoteric sources that hold a treasure of knowledge about the origins of humanity and its relation to Earth and the cosmos.

    You too can participate. The project is open to all wherever you are based and whatever your level of interest. You don’t need to be in Bulgaria to take part. All the data about the megalithic sites is freely available online. One part of the project is to collect the data. But a larger part is required to discover patterns and commonalities between megalithic sites in Bulgaria and across the world.

    You can join our online community to access all the data, share ideas, make recommendations on sites to visit and receive help on visiting the pyramids.

    The project is self-funded. In the near future we aim to provide broader and more precise data on the pyramids by providing LiDaR and ground penetrating radar. To achieve this we are looking for funding based on donations and contributions.

    The best way to get a feel for the megalithic sites of Bulgaria is to see them for yourself. You can get a real feel for their size and diversity. The location of each site is available on the site and Google Earth Web. We also organise personal guided tours that contribute to the funding of the project.

The Bulgaria Pyramid Project
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The Bulgaria Pyramid Project
The aim of the Bulgaria Pyramid Project is to inventorise the megalithic sites of Bulgaria.
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Bulgaria Pyramid
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