Visit the Pyramids of Bulgaria

The best way to get a feel for the megalithic sites of Bulgaria is to see them for yourself. It gives you a real feel for their size. Their proximity is also inspiring. Maybe you’ll hear the stones talking to you?

The location of each pyramid and megalithic site is availbale on the website as well as Google Earth web.

Visit the Bulgarian Pyramids

You can visit each site independently. Just be aware that most of the sites remotely located far away from good roads. There are also few hotels and restaurants nearby. And in winter like during the hot summer the weather can be unpredictable and sometimes dangerous if you are not prepared.

We organise personal guided tours of the sites and can help you organise food, accommodation and transport. All contributions for the visits are used as funding to provide more detailed measurements of the sites. All the data will be freely available for all to use and interpret. For help visiting the pyramids get in touch in our online community.

Visiting some of the megalithic sites of Bulgaria can be fun way to compliment your holiday in Bulgaria at the beach, in the mountains or en route to Istanbul in Turkey, Thessaloniki in Greece or Bucharest and Transylvannia in Romania. All these neighbouring destinations are easily accessible from Bulgaria and can easily be integrated as part of a road trip.