Double Pyramids

Duality in the form of double pyramids is a constant at the pyramids of Bulgaria. It is a message from above, the macrocosm, impressed into matter, the microcosm below. It is spirit reflected in matter.

The Double Pyramid of Bania

There are many double pyramids in Bulgaria at Binkos, Ostrets, Pazderite, Pesnopoy, Bania and Plovdiv.

And if you listen carefully it is a feature that is not unique to Bulgaria. In Peru at Machu Picchu the megalithic site sits in between 2 summits. In Mexico there is a connection between the pyramids of the Sun and Moon and so too in Bosnia. Even in Egypt the Great Pyramid of Giza, called the pyramid of Khufu, is flanked by a slightly smaller pyramid, that of Khafre.

Double pyramids are a common feature in Bulgaria. The 2 summits are joined by a concourse. One summit is slightly higher than the other.

If the pyramid is aligned East-West like Pazderitre and Pesnopoy then the West summit is higher. And if the pyramid is aligned North-East to South-West like Bania and Ostrets then the South-West is higher.

The difference in height between the 2 summits varies and is difficult to measure precisely due to erosion but it is small. At the Double Pyramid of Bania the difference between the 2 summits is only 5%. By comparison the difference between the 2 pyramids of Giza in Egypt, Khufu and Khafre, is only 2%.

The elevation of the 2 summits is not meant to be equal. The difference in height is part of the message.

The design of the double pyramids with 2 unequal summits creates the impression of movement as if they were following the Sun, from East to West in its daily valse with Earth.

The double pyramids of Pesnopoy and Pazderite are nearly perfectly aligned East-West. Whilst the double pyramids of Bania and Ostrets are aligned Off True South by around 25 degrees which reminds us of precession Earth’s tilt in relation to the Sun.

Watch the documentary on the double pyramids of Bulgaria on YouTube

The Duad is singing the monad’s tune in this ever-swirling planetary dance. The message of the universe is encoded in the numbers at the pyramids of Bulgaria. From One to Seven we will decipher the pyramid code in separate videos and articles on our website.

And there is probably a connection between the Duad, number 2, found in the design of the double pyramids and the stars that form constellation such as Orion, Gemini, Cancer and Leo. If you look up into the night sky you will see the arc that connects these constellations. They are formed by groups of double stars.

As above, so below. The microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm. The pyramids of Bulgaria are a map of the heavens etched into Earth’s crust.

How did the pyramid builders know how to produce double pyramids?

Rudolf Steiner’s account of the Akasha Chronicle related in the series of lectures: Cosmic Memory, Prehistory of Earth and Man, helps us answer this question. The pyramid builders in their endeavours reflected the cosmic order that they could feel. The impulse and image came from above.

For in their temples they participated in direct contemplation of the active forces of nature. They looked into the creative workshop of nature. They experienced a communion with the beings which built the world itself. One can call this communication an association with the gods. p.75

What was cultivated there was divine wisdom and art. p.74

The divine wisdom is the greatness of creation that could be felt in all things by the Lemurians and early-Atlanteans. And in their art they replicated divine wisdom in the geometrical forms that represent numbers and universal truths. The expression of duality is a core message of cosmic harmony given to us by the pyramids of Bulgaria.

The Double Pyramids of Bulgaria
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The Double Pyramids of Bulgaria
Double pyramids are a common feature in Bulgaria. They are two pyramids joined by a concourse. It creates the impression that the double pyramid is moving in the direction of the Sun. There are many double pyramids in Bulgaria at Binkos, Ostrets, Pazderite, Pesnopoy and Bania.
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