Sun Stones

The Sun permeates the pyramids of Bulgaria. From the position of the pyramids to the shape of the megaliths, the stones invoke the Sun.

The South facing Standing Stones of Rozovets

The southern alignment of the pyramids

The pyramids are aligned to the Sun.

Double pyramids such as Bania and Ostrets are aligned on a North-East to South-West axis at around 25 degrees Off True South. It reminds us of precession, Earth’s tilt in relation to the Sun.

The double pyramids of Pazderite and Pesnopoy are aligned East-West.

The West summit is always higher which gives the impression that the double pyramid is in movement following the path of the Sun from East to West.

The double pyramids of Bania and Pesnopoy have rock faces, like promontories on the South side but none of the North side.

And single pyramids like Stryama have usually 5 levels on the South side that remind us of the plateaus of the step pyramids of South America. But on the northern side there are no levels. It gives the impression that the pyramid is turned towards the Sun.

And at the Rampart of Sopot the southern slope is inclined at 23 degrees away from the Sun, reminding us again of precession. The northern slope by comparison is inclined at around 52 degrees reminding us of the golden ratio.

The southern alignment of the megaliths

The megaliths of Rozovets, remind us of sunflowers. They are turned purposefully towards the South. The Standing Stones are perfectly aligned towards True South.

And megaliths are most often shaped with a flat back on the North side and a bulge on the South side.

Megaliths from both Lemurian and early-Atlantean epochs are tilted back away from the Sun at around 20 degrees off a North-South axis again reminding us of Earth’s axial tilt.

The Standing Stones

The Standing Stones for which the area is famous for used to be 3. But the northern one fell backwards. Together they formed a pyramid with the central stone slightly taller than the ones on either side, thus acting as a pyramidion. The summit of the central stone reminds us of the Monad, number 1, the Sun around which all the other planets revolve.

How did these early pyramid builders understand the Sun’s preeminence in the Universe?

Rudolf Steiner’s account of the Akasha Chronicle related in the series of lectures: Cosmic Memory, Prehistory of Earth and Man, explains how the pyramid builders intuitively knew about the role of the Sun in relation to Earth.

Man […] exercised the forces of nature […] woman became the first interpreter of them. It was a special new manner of living through reflection which developed here. p.76

The women lived in the manner described above. [They looked into the creative workshop of nature. They experienced a communion with the beings which build the world itself. One can call this communication an association with the gods.] They thereby developed special human powers. Their faculty of imagination which was in alliance with nature became the basis for a higher development of the life of ideas. p.75

So it is Lemurian women who transmitted the images of cosmic harmony reflected inside them. Whilst the Lemurian men developed the will that harnesses energy to transform nature.

The message of the universe is encoded in the numbers at the pyramids and megaliths of Bulgaria. From One to Seven we will decipher the pyramid code in separate videos and articles on our website.

There is dance between the planets that is expressed in the megaliths. They face South towards the Sun whilst being laid out by 3 the number associated with the Moon.

Earth, Sun and Moon dance before our eyes in numbers that are set in stone.

Rudolf Steiner in the series of lectures entitled Genesis, Secrets of Creation, provides a enlightening insight into the opening words of the Bible, Earth separated from the Sun and Moon to create the environment for Mankind’s Earth phase of development.

The same divine impulse, the spirit of the Sun, divine art and wisdom in the words of Rudolf Steiner, sparked the story of creation and later the creation of the pyramids.

Sun Stones
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Sun Stones
Many stones at the Bulgarian pyramids and megalithic sites are oriented towards the Sun. The stones are cardinally aligned or inclined in relation to the Sun.
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