Limestone rather than granite is found at megalithic sites located in the East of Bulgaria like Slanchevo and Binkos.

Limestone blocks forming levels at the Double Pyramid of Binkos
    The Double Pyramid of Binkos is made of huge limestone blocks that form levels. There is no granite found at this site which might be an indication that the pyramid builders used local materials issued from Earth’s thin crust as explained by Rudolf Steiner.

    The stone columns of Slanchevo located near Varna on the Black Sea cost are also made of limestone.

Limestone is also used at other megalithic sites around the world like Sacsayhuaman in Peru. Recent research at the stones of Sacsayhuaman in Peru reveal that they cannot be solely the result of a natural formation. There was some kind of human intervention in the process. And Rudolf Steiner’s account of the Akasha Chronicles elucidates this enigma. Man could harness and transform the naturally occurring rock from volcanic activity into a specific composition and shape.

In Slanchevo the megalith builders might have chosen limestone because it was the only local material available. It is also possible that the columns belonging to a later epoch were raised by builders who had lost the understanding of quartz and granite and its power to connect to the universe as we see at other earlier megalithic sites. As Rudolf Steiner explains in his account of the Akasha Chronicle as related in the series of lectures: Cosmic Memory, Prehistory of Earth and Man, the capacity to feel and harness the forces of nature and implicitly Earth and the cosmos diminished with each stage of human evolution and the development of consciousness. It is a universal law that:

[…] each time a new faculty develops in an organism, an old faculty loses power and acuteness. p.41

[…] what thus was won within, with respect to the faculty of thought, was lost with respect to the control of external forces. p.53

Limestone at Bulgarian megalithic sites
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Limestone at Bulgarian megalithic sites
At megalithic sites that are located in East Bulgaria like the Double Pyramid of Binkos and the Columns of Slanchevo we find limestone rather than granite.
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