Not enough credit is given to YouTube and its parent for furthering the development of new ideas.

On our YouTube channel we have made playlists of videos relating to pyramids in view of understanding humanity ancient history.

If it wasn’t for Google’s provision of free services such as

  1. Google Maps
  2. Google Photos
  3. Google Earth

Collecting, organising and delivering the information would not have been possible.

The fact that everybody can share their findings of new megalithic sites and add to the global conversation with their own opinions creates a rich intellectual environment that promotes innovative thinking. Without these free internet based tools all these new ideas would not have been come to life.

I have created playlists of videos I have found interesting. They all contribute in a small and big way to developing the dialogue. Some authors and specific documentaries had a greater impact and spurred me on to develop my own ideas.

Rudolf Steiner’s reading of the Akasha Chronicle is an insight into the early history of humanity. Steiner uses the spiritual scientific method to uncover the memory of humanity and our cosmic origins. What we see on the ground in the form of the Bulgarian pyramid validates Steiner’s account and methodology.

Connecting Steiner’s presentations to the pyramids has helped us answer the fundamental questions about megalithic sites in a satisfactory manner:

It also helps us establish a logical chronology (bigger is older) for other sites around the world including the Giza Pyramids, Gobekli Tepe and Machu Picchu.

Jonathan Black, Mark Booth (2007). The Secret History of the World. Quercus Press.

It is a great introduction to esoteric thought. I read it 3 times before starting to understand it. For me it was a very useful introduction that led me to Rudolf Steiner. Thank you Mark!