The Moon at the Pyramids of Bulgaria

Number 3 and its geometric representation the triangle represent the Moon. They are ubiquitous at megalithic sites in Bulgaria. They are found in the layout and shape of the stones as well as the design of the pyramids and megalithic formations.

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Large standing megaliths are triangular in shape both in the vertical plane and the horizontal plane. They form like a 3 sided pyramid.

Standing stones large and small are lined up by 3 often aligned due South.

The Tetrahedron in Rozovets is a massive 3 dimensional triangular construction made with large triangular megaliths. It is a triangle made with triangular megaliths.

On a much larger scale the North side of the Double Pyramid of Ostrets forms a triangular shape that is angled at around 50 degrees reminding us of the divine proportion in the Golden ratio. We find the same shape and angle on the sides of pyramidal formations in the Black Peak complex and the region around Sopot.

And the same triangular shape and angles are visible in single standing stones at Sokolitsa and Bania.

Most interestingly the triangular shape of the stone is cut by a diagonal line of quartz that has an angle that again reminds us of the Golden ratio.

At several megalithic sites we see molten granite stone that has been shaped into a rhombus. The Rhombus is 2 triangles attached at the base. It too contains the Golden ratio.

The triangle and more specifically the angle of the Golden ratio is a message from the pyramid builders. It is an expression of the divine art and wisdom that infused them.

The triangle is divine. It is an expression of the spirit in material form. Pythagoras said that all geometrical shapes can be reduced to the triangle. We find it in the Trinity in Christiannity and in the belief in Life, Death and Renewal held by the ancient Thracians. In the hexagram it symbolises the fundamental elements of fire rising and water going down. It is a ubiquitous image of cosmic harmony that is found in all cultures and at all times because it is part of humanity’s cosmic heritage.

The triangle as number 3 is an expression of the Moon. It is the third stage in the formation of consciousness. First came the Saturn period, then the Sun, then the Moon and the Earth is the fourth stage when spirit is enshrined in matter.

The Golden Ratio in the Triangle of the Double Pyramid of Ostrets

Transcript of the documentary on the Moon at the pyramids of Bulgaria:

The triad is a constant at the pyramids of Bulgaria. Number 3 and its geometric representation the triangle are ubiquitous from the shape of the overall pyramid down to the individual stones. The triad is cosmic wisdom encoded in the pyramids.

Talking to stones…. And listening to the Moon at the pyramids of Bulgaria.

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We recommend watching as a reference the documentary on the Sun.

The stones of the pyramids tell us the story of the Sun, The Moon, Earth and Man. And if we are ready to listen we will hear the universe talking to us in numbers.

Where do we find the triad at the pyramids of Bulgaria?

Pyramids are 3d triangles. Their shape is intentional and has a purpose. The Northern side of Ostrets is triangle with an inclination of 52 degrees. It reminds us of the Golden ratio, the divine proportion, found in nature.

Pyramidal clusters
The Standing Stones of Rozovets form a pyramid. There used to be 3 standing stones. One fell backwards. The central stone acted as a pyramidion.

Tetrahedron formations
The Tetrahedron is a cluster of large megaliths that form a 3d triangle. It faces due South towards the Sun. It is an example of the connection on Earth between the Sun and the Moon.

At Bulgarian megalithic sites there are many triptychs. These are clusters of 3 standing stones.

In Rozovets there are many examples of triptychs of different sizes. All are turned South towards the Sun.

In Skumsale we find more abstract variants of the triptych that are probably from the late Lemurian epoch. They are large stone formations split into 3 parts. There is a link below to the documentary on Lemuria.

Similarly in Buzovgrad we find triptych-like stone formations.

Triangle megaliths
In Skumsale like in Rozovets there are single standing stones that are shaped like a pyramid, a 3d triangle, that points up. It is an antenna that connects Earth to the cosmos. These stones also face South.

3 rhombuses
In Rozovets there are 3 rhombus shaped stones that are planted like arrowheads into the ground one behind the other. They have a flat back on the North side and a bulge on the South side. They face South towards the Sun. The rhombus with its 4 sides represents Earth and number 4.

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If we listen carefully we find many connections at the pyramids of Bulgaria between the Sun, the Moon, Earth and Man who made the stone formations.

Quartz line
In Bania there is a standing stone that has a triangular pear shape with a diagonal line of quartz that reminds us of the Golden ratio.

There is a similar triangular stone in Sokolitsa with also a diagonal quartz line.

Golden ratio
The Golden ratio in numerical terms can be expressed as 0.618. In relation to unit 1 it can be rounded up as ⅔ in relation to ⅓. This proportion is divine harmony. It is the expression of cosmic wisdom.

The triad is everywhere at the pyramids of Bulgaria because like the impulse that spurned the pyramid builders number 3 is divine and cosmic in origin. We have a 3 part documentary that concludes on WHY the pyramids were built. There are links below.

Number 3
In Skumsale there is a 3D triangular boulder with 3 incisions. It faces South. It reminds us of the 3 fingers in the icon Christ in Judgement, Pantocrator. The gesture represents the Trinity, the Unity of One God in three Persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

It also reminds us of the letter Shin in Hebrew which is associated with fire and God. Shin has a number value of 300 and is the 21st letter (3×7) of the Hebrew alphabet. Seven being the number of mystery, we could say the God number.

Number 3 found at the pyramids of Bulgaria is a constant in later human civilisations around the world.

In the Inca tradition in Peru there are 3 ages of stone that reflect the 3 stages in the evolution of Earth.

1. The oldest is the Hanan Pacha period. It can be related to the Lemurian epoch. The Inca believed that at that time Earth had a 220-day orbit around the Sun.

2. The Urun Pacha period can be associated with Atlantis. During that epoch Earth had a 260 day orbit.

3. The Ukun Pacha period is associated with the post-Atlantean epoch when Earth had its present 365 day orbit.

Sun, Moon Earth and Man
As the Sun is the planetary equivalent of the Monad, number 1, so the Moon is the equivalent of the triad, number 3. In geometric representation the Moon is the triangle whilst the Sun is the dot from which everything emanates.

In esoteric teachings the Moon is the stage of Light in Earth’s evolution. First came the Word, the Logos, during the Saturn phase. Then the Word became Life during the Sun phase. And then the Word that had become Life also became Light during the Moon phase.

The Gospel of St John: The Mission of Earth

In Spiritual Science we say that the ancient Moon preceded the Earth. This ancient Moon, as planetary stage of evolution, had also a mission. […] it was the planet or the cosmos of wisdom.

We know that the Moon reflects the Sun’s light. And as we saw in the documentary on Lemuria it is Lemurian women who received images of cosmic harmony during the night.

Rudolf Steiner, Cosmic Memory, Prehistory of Earth and Man:

The women looked into the creative workshop of nature. They experienced a communion with the beings which built the world itself. One can call this communication an association with the gods.

[…] woman became the first interpreter […] . It was a special new manner of living through reflection which developed here.

The word reflection is central.

At night Lemurian women in a state of atavistic clairvoyance received these images of cosmic wisdom from the Moon.

The relationship between the Moon and the feminine element has been kept for millenia in images such as the Virgin Mary standing on a crescent Moon.

It relates to the quest of the knight Templars who searched for Wisdom/Truth/Baphomet and like their spiritual leader Bernard De Clairvaux venerated the Virgin Mary.

The Moon is also associated with the god Jahve who in esoteric teachings is the one of 7 Elohim (divinities) that came down from the Sun to the Moon to give to mankind the gifts of wisdom that would help it develop and fulfill its mission. This concept is found in the image of the crescent in Islam which is often associated with the morning star that represents Venus, the feminine element.

The Moon played an intermediary role between Sun and Earth whilst mankind was not yet ready, sufficiently developed, to receive the light directly from the Sun.

Across time and civilisations these universal constants have shown us the way. And the stones of the pyramids of Bulgaria are the first incarnation of these cosmic truths that guide humanity.

Like the Templars or Sufis searching for Wisdom, it is our mission still today to enlighten the dark recesses of our souls with the rays of Love streaming down from the Sun.

The Gospel of St John: The Mission of Earth

Divine wisdom pervades the whole of nature; human wisdom will only gradually reach this height. In the course of time human wisdom will inwardly acquire what divine wisdom has secreted within the Earth.

Divine wisdom is objective whilst human wisdom, often called intelligence, is subjective. And it is the mission of Man to uncover the divine wisdom in all things.

Rudolf Steiner’s reading of the Akasha Chronicle helps us make sense of what we see on the ground at the pyramids of Bulgaria and their meaning to us even to this day. He helps make sense of the numbers, proportions and geometric shapes we see before our eyes.

The Gospel of St John: Esoteric Christianity

First there was the Logos which became Life, then Light, and this Light lives in the astral body. Into the human inner being, into the darkness, into the ignorance, the Light shone. And the meaning of life upon Earth is this: — That men should overcome this darkness of the soul, in order that they may recognize the Light of the Logos.

And in our next documentary on number 4, the rhombus, we will explore the role of Earth and Man in the Universe.

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The Moon at the Pyramids
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At the Bulgarian pyramids there are large standing megaliths that are triangular in shape both in the vertical plane and the horizontal plane. They form like a 3 sided pyramid. They represent the Moon.
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