The Golden Ratio

The Golden ratio is also known as the divine proportion or golden section. The golden ratio is found at several megalithic sites in Bulgaria both in the shape of pyramids and in that of individual stones. It inspired the pyramid builders.

The Golden Ratio built into the Double Pyramid of Ostrets

At a large scale we see it in the incline of the slope of pyramids. And at a smaller scale we see it in the shape of megaliths and the diagonal line of quartz blocks in the stone. It is a proportion that permeates megalithic constructions north and south of the Central Balkan.

    At the Rampart of Sopot the North side is angled at around 50 degrees whilst the South side is angled at only 23 degrees. The inclines are specific and intentional. They have purpose and are proof of intelligent design.

    The north slope of the Double Pyramid of Ostrets is inclined at around 50 degrees too. And the North side of the pyramid that rises nearly 500 metres from base to summit is a larger scale model of a single megalith that is 2 metres high and wide found at Sokolitsa on the other side of the Central Balkan mountain range.

    And it is likely that each megalithic construction belongs to a different epoch of pyramid building. The larger edifice in Ostrets would belong to the earlier Lemurian epoch hilst the single stone in Sokolitsa would date back to the early-Atlantean epoch.

    At the heavily eroded double pyramid of Sokolitsa in the Middle Mountain there is a single megalith that is triangular in shape with a diagonal line of quartz blocks. The megalith is a small scale replica of the North side of the Double Pyramid of Ostrets by its shape and incline.

    The diagonal line is tilted at around 50 degrees which reminds us of the golden ratio.

    At the Double Pyramid of Bania there is also a standing stone with a similar line of quartz purposefully inlaid at the same angle as the one in Sokolitsa.

    In Ostrets, Sokolitsa and Bania we find the Golden ratio expressed in 3 ways:

    1. the triangular shape of the overall structure
    2. the incline of the triangle
    3. the angle of the diagonal line of quartz

How did the pyramid builders know the golden ratio?

The golden ratio permeates megalithic construction in Bulgaria and proves that these constructions are not random and the result of a natural occurrence. They are proof of intelligent design and the reflection of a cosmic harmony that could be felt and reproduced by the pyramid builders.

The knowledge, mathematical understanding and application of the Golden ratio can be found in the Egyptian pyramids and Ancient Greek art as well as the Fibonacci numbers. But its early application to mega structures is difficulty explained with the instruments available to architects at the time.

It points to the conclusion that the pyramid builders of Bulgaria did not have scientific knowledge but more a feel for the divine. And Rudolf Steiner in his account of the Akasha Chronicle related in the series of lectures: Cosmic Memory, Prehistory of Earth and Man, helps us understand how early humans could feel the art and wisdom of divine harmony in all things and recreate it.

A Lemurian […] had tools, erected buildings […] this he owed not to his own powers of conception, but to a mental force in him, which was instinctive. p.47

The location of the pyramids that Rudolf Steiner probably references as their temples was given from above because their purpose was to cherish the pouring down of cosmic harmony from above like the rays of the sun.

[…] man guarded the powers granted to him as a strict, divine secret and that he led a life through which he sanctified his power. pp.74-75

For in their temples they participated in direct contemplation of the active forces of nature. They looked into the creative workshop of nature. They experienced a communion with the beings which build the world itself. One can call this communication an association with the gods. p.75

The temple localities […] What was cultivated there was divine wisdom and art. p.74

They were:

colleges of will power (for men) and of the clairvoyant power of the imagination (for women). p.73

The divine wisdom is the greatness of creation that could be felt in all things by the Lemurians and early Atlanteans. They replicated it in their constructions using cosmic harmony expressed through the divine proportion, the golden ratio.

The Lemurian women could feel it and the Lemurian men could reproduce it. Together enshrined Spirit into matter.

The Golden Ratio at the Pyramids of Bulgaria
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The Golden Ratio at the Pyramids of Bulgaria
The Golden ratio, also known as the divine proportion, is found at several megalithic sites in Bulgaria. It is built into pyramids and individual stones as well as the angle of the lines of quartz.
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