Diagonal Quartz Line

At the Double Pyramid of Bania there is a single standing stone with a diagonal line of quartz. We have found similar stones with diagonal lines of quartz at other megalithic sites in Bulgaria.

Quartz is a common feature at megalithic sites. There are grid lines of quartz that underpin several sites like a grid. And there are lines of quartz set in the stone like a sandwich.

Dagonal Quartz Line

This stone is important because it is specific. The location, position as well the shape and the composition are the result of intelligent design. It tells us about the pyramid builders, the epoch when it was made and its purpose.

The standing stone is located on the South side of the Double Pyramid of Bania facing towards the Sun. It is swivelled to face South and slightly inclined away from the Sun. It tells us about the preeminence of the Sun for the pyramid builders and the fact that they had an understanding of cardinal alignments and thus Earth’s position in relation to the Sun.

The shape is revealing too. The size is around 1.5 metres high and around 80 cm wide makes it a relatively small megalith. It is rounded in a tear-drop shape with a large rounded base and a narrower summit. It is well finished and therefore is associated with the early-Atlantean epoch.

When we listen to the composition of the stone we understand that it is made from granite. The quartz line is set in the middle of the stone. As we see with other similar megaliths it is a diagonal line that is angled at around 50 degrees. It is an expression of the Golden ratio, also known as the divine proportion.

The location, position, shape and composition of this megalith tells us that is it the expression of divine art and wisdom quoting Rudolf Steiner. It tells us that the pyramid builders belong to an epoch when they could still hear the planetary dance, the imagination, and the will to replicate it on Earth. This megalith is a reminder of our cosmic origins and the evolution of humanity.