The aim of the Bulgaria Pyramid Project is to inventorise all the megalithic sites of Bulgaria and to find patterns in order to understand the message set in the stones.

In the location and position of the pyramids there are reflections of constellations and star systems like Orion, the Winter Triangle, Sirius and probably neighbouring constellations like Cancer. There are also number associations with the Moon, Venus and the Sun as well as the Golden Ratio. These are just a few connections that tell us that we are looking at a 4D map of the heavens etched into Earth’s crust.

The Double Pyramid of Ostrets

Till now the project has been self-funded with blood, sweat, tears and a rabid case of OCD to hug stones early in the morning. I have driven many many kilometres at night with the kids at the back sleeping to reach sites at the right time to capture their full beauty in the best light.

It is an enterprise that started when the children were babies and I had to carry them up the slopes of the pyramids. Now they are grown up and reach the summit before me whilst I am dragging my sorry carcass up the hill (their words).

To reach the next level of the project we need more precise measurements. Till now I have used a basic handheld GPS device and Google Maps and Google Earth. The aim of additional funding is to provide freely available data on the location and position of the pyramids to enable people across the globe to analyse it and draw conclusions. The aim is to find patterns and draw the map of the heavens in 4D.

Our Objectives

A LiDaR system for archaeological research will help us pierce through the foliage and reveal the layout of the stones on the ground. It will show the outline of the pyramids, the summits, the levels and help us draw comparisons with what we know of the sky above.

Our secondary objective after LiDaR is to acquire a Ground Penetrating Radar system to map the underground tunnels and cavities that are closed off. We can find them with ground penetrating radar. It will reveal another dimension of these megalithic sites. It will also tell us about later use of the sites by later civilisations from the Neolithic and the Thracian period.

Both LiDaR and ground penetrating radar are technologies that are available to the general public but the prices are still relatively high. That is why we are looking for external funding through donations, advertising, product associations and personal guided tours. And all benefactors who wish to be recognised will be publicly listed.

How to Contribute

You can contribute a one-off sum on Buy Me a Coffee to help us fund the next phase of the project.

And you can become a benefactor of the Bulgaria Pyramid Project by contributing regular sums on Patreon.

All funding is 100% devoted to the project. I have a day job that funds the needs of the children and me as well as travel to all these locations.

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