Triangle Number 3

Number 3 and its geometrical representation the triangle are ubiquitous across megalithic sites in Bulgaria. They are found in the layout and shape of the stones, the design of the pyramids and megalithic formations.

The Double Pyramid of Ostrets

Large standing megaliths are triangular in shape both in the vertical plane and the horizontal plane. They form like a 3 sided pyramid.

Standing stones large and small are lined up by 3 often aligned due South.

The Tetrahedron in Rozovets is a massive 3 dimensional triangular construction made with large triangular megaliths. It is a triangle made with triangular megaliths.

On a much larger scale the North side of the Double Pyramid of Ostrets forms a triangular shape that is angled at around 50 degrees reminding us of the divine proportion in the Golden ratio. We find the same shape and angle on the sides of pyramidal formations in the Black Peak complex and the region around Sopot.

And the same triangular shape and angles are visible in single standing stones at Sokolitsa and Bania.

Most interestingly the triangular shape of the stone is cut by a diagonal line of quartz that has an angle that again reminds us of the Golden ratio.

At several megalithic sites we see molten granite stone that has been shaped into a rhombus. The Rhombus is 2 triangles attached at the base. It too contains the Golden ratio.

The triangle and more specifically the angle of the Golden ratio is a message from the pyramid builders. It is an expression of the divine art and wisdom that infused them.

The triangle is divine. It is an expression of the spirit in material form. Pythagoras said that all geometrical shapes can be reduced to the triangle. We find it in the Trinity in Christiannity and in the belief in Life, Death and Renewal held by the ancient Thracians. In the hexagram it symbolises the fundamental elements of fire rising and water going down. It is a ubiquitous image of cosmic harmony that is found in all cultures and at all times because it is part of humanity’s cosmic heritage.

The triangle as number 3 is an expression of the Moon. It is the third stage in the formation of consciousness. First came the Saturn period, then the Sun, then the Moon and the Earth is the fourth stage when spirit is enshrined in matter.

The Triangle in the Pyramids
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The Triangle in the Pyramids
At the Bulgarian pyramids there are large standing megaliths that are triangular in shape both in the vertical plane and the horizontal plane. They form like a 3 sided pyramid.
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Bulgaria Pyramid
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